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Our offer

IT Service

Comprehensive IT support for companies.

IT Outsourcing

An alternative to the internal IT department.

Server Administration

Windows, Linux configuration and support

Network Management

Monitoring of LAN and WAN networks.

24/7 Help desk

IT support in Polish and English.

Employee Leasing

Access to IT engineers.

Private Cloud

Cloud solutions like NextCloud.

Dedicated Servers

High server performance. Microsoft license.

Cloud Backup

Services: Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, 365

IT Audit

Detailed review of IT processes.

Microsoft 365

Implementation and configuration of the service.

IT Consulting

IT consulting services for companies.


Protecting and learning in cybersecurity.

IT Monitoring

Monitoring IT systems and applications.

Outsourcing SOC

SOC implementation and review.

Who we are

IT outsourcing

Support Online is a company that provides technical support and IT support for companies from all over Poland and abroad. We create and implement modern and functional solutions, and our services are of the highest quality. We treat each client individually and offer a wide range of services and products tailored to their needs. After a thorough analysis of the IT infrastructure, we modernize your environment, improve the team's work, secure the most important data and allow you to focus on the right activities. Cooperation with us is characterized by professional IT support, lower operating costs and satisfaction.

More and more companies are choosing to outsource IT services, which allows them to maintain business continuity and gain access to a team of specialists.

Discover our IT support offer and increase the efficiency of your company

Support OnLine – your business partner


Help information online

At Support Online we offer a wide range of IT services and comprehensive IT support via the Internet in Polish and English. Our helpdesk is open 24 hours a day and our consultants are not afraid of difficult questions. We guarantee fast IT support and a response time of up to 30 seconds, which is a great convenience in any project.

Online IT help
IT company with 10 years of experience

IT company with 20 years of experience

We have been operating since 2002. Since then, we have completed hundreds of IT support projects for our clients in Poland and abroad. We have offices in 5 locations in Poland, so our support department always employs unique people from the best academic centers and people with a passion for IT.

We currently have 80 engineers on our team with numerous certificates from Microsoft, Veeam, Cisco.


IT services for companies

At Support Online we support both SMEs and large companies and institutions (such as schools, hospitals, courts). Our range of IT services is wide-ranging and tailored to your company. Our consultant will be happy to help you choose the right service.

Our services include comprehensive user support – IT support , complete administration of Windows and Linux servers, virtualizations such as VMware or Hyper-V as well as support for common cloud solutions such as Azure, Microsoft 365 or AWS.

IT services for companies
Abous Us

IT support for companies

We have been providing IT support to national and international clients since 2002. We provide our services from 5 locations in Poland (Warsaw, Gdynia, Kraków, Rzeszów, Olsztyn) and with mobile engineers, which gives us a nationwide and global reach. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a certified company with the ISO27001 certificate, we guarantee information security, comprehensive technological knowledge and solutions tailored to our clients' business needs.

In the world of digitalization, IT

Support has become an integral part of the functioning of many companies. Cooperation with us means, above all:

  • Professional IT support
  • Professional specialists
  • Technical support and advice
  • Modern solutions

Support Online works with the Software Business Group and Cloud4You . This enables us to offer our customers responsible and conscious comprehensive IT support for companies.






Customers all over the world


Established in



Andrzej Baranowski


Er trat dem Team 2006 als IT-Ingenieur bei.

Derzeit gestaltet er als Vorstandsmitglied von Support Online und Cloud4You Geschäftsziele mit und ist für deren Umsetzung verantwortlich. Er überwacht Schlüsselprojekte, dank denen sich das Unternehmen ständig weiterentwickelt. Er beschäftigt sich sowohl mit dem Bereich IT Support als auch mit der Bereitstellung von Private/Public Cloud Lösungen.

Piotr Popławski

Präsident des Verwaltungsrates

Gründer und Inhaber von Support Online, Mitinhaber des Programmierunternehmens SBG und des Unternehmens, das Cloud-Lösungen von Cloud4You anbietet. Er leitet die Geschäftsstrategie, die Finanzen und unterstützt das Tagesgeschäft des Unternehmens.

Die ständige Weiterentwicklung von Support Online ist das Ergebnis der Kombination seiner Managementkompetenzen mit technischen Fähigkeiten und exzellenten Kenntnissen der IT-Branche.



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IT companies – questions and answers

An IT company , i.e. an IT company, deals with broad information technologies. These include, among others:

  1. Software design and development : An IT company can create custom applications for other companies or software products for the mass market. Depending on the specialization, these can be mobile applications, desktop applications, web applications or embedded systems.
  2. Consulting services : An IT company often provides experts who advise on the implementation of new technologies, the optimization of business processes or the selection of suitable technological solutions.
  3. Cloud solutions : Many IT companies specialize in implementing and managing cloud solutions such as data storage, application hosting, and data analytics platforms.
  4. IT security : Protection against cyber attacks, security audits, implementation of security policies and network monitoring are just some of the tasks of IT companies in this area.
  5. IT infrastructure management : In this context, the company can deal with the management of servers, databases, networks and user devices.
  6. Technical support and service : An IT company can provide other companies with support for its products or IT support in general and manage their technology on a daily basis.
  7. Training : Many information technology providers also offer training on how to use software or how to use technology safely.
  8. Hardware solutions : Some IT companies may also provide and configure computer, server, or network hardware.

Depending on its specialization and size, an IT company can offer one, several or all of the above solutions. When choosing a provider, it is important to understand the scope of their services and tailor them to your individual needs.

It is worth hiring an information technology (IT) company like Support Online if:

  1. You are planning to introduce new technologies or software into your company.
  2. You need expert technology advice.
  3. You want to optimize existing IT processes.
  4. Do you have problems with digital security?
  5. You need help managing your IT infrastructure.
  6. They lack internal resources or skills to implement certain technology projects.

Using external IT experts can bring benefits in terms of saving time and resources as well as ensuring high-quality solutions.

Hiring an IT company like Support Online offers several key advantages over an IT freelancer:

  1. Full Team Support : The IT company has a complete team of specialists ranging from DevOps to cyber security specialists to helpdesk IT specialists, with diverse skills and experience that enable faster resolution of issues and implementation of more complex projects.
  2. Reliability and stability : IT companies have a good reputation and a long history, which can lead to greater security and stability of services.
  3. Maintenance and support : An IT company may offer service contracts, warranties, and customer support that may be more difficult to obtain from an individual freelancer.
  4. Resources : Companies have access to more resources, tools and technologies that can accelerate and improve project delivery.
  5. Longer availability : The risk of a freelancer disappearing or changing careers is greater than the risk of a stable company going bankrupt.

However, it should be noted that the choice between a company and a freelancer depends on the specific needs and situations. If you value security and quick response to unexpected problems, it is worth choosing an IT company like Support Online.

Working with IT Support Online offers the following advantages:

  1. Professional IT outsourcing: The company guarantees high quality IT outsourcing services for companies of different sizes.
  2. Comprehensive IT Support: IT Support Online offers comprehensive IT support that meets the diverse needs of companies.
  3. Time and money savings: Thanks to the company’s support, the customer can focus on its core business activities while reducing information technology management costs.
  4. Serving a wide range of companies: The company specializes in serving both small and medium-sized companies and large corporations, which demonstrates its flexibility and ability to adapt to different customer requirements.
  5. Leader in IT outsourcing: The company is considered a leader in IT outsourcing, especially in the Poznan and Warsaw region.

By working with our IT support online company, companies can count on a high standard of service and professionalism at every stage of cooperation.

At Support Online we support companies in…

  1. comprehensive user support (both on-site and remote),
  2. We support computers, phones, tablets and related network issues.
  3. We specialize in server administration : Windows, Linux/Unix,
  4. We support virtualizers such as KVM, Hyper-V, VMWare and Proxmox.
  5. We support cloud services, especially solutions: Azure, Microsoft 365 and AWS,
  6. We monitor servers and devices on the Internet,
  7. We advise on development , DRP and support the stability of the company at the IT level.

If you are looking for a good IT company, we assume that Support Online is a good place for the development of your business.

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